The King runs throughout the room

The King, by his incessant crises, does not help to give some credibility to the royal couple. In 1393, when a ball costume, and some aaronguesthouse Lords are disguised as shaggy beasts; to do this, they are coated body pitch (it is highly flammable, it was used to make the human torches in the Romans). And then the Duke of Orléans is approaching with a torch, to better see the costumes…

Isabeau of Bavaria, accused Queen – tell me history… isabeau2

All ignites. The King runs throughout the room, fire at the arse (but not only). A woman wrapped in her dress, to extinguish the flames. Several Lords have died. The Queen, to avoid having to live this moment, has preferred to fall in apples. It is the ardent ball. The King becomes permanently mad at this time there.

In 1405, a ready dare interrupt the Queen during the sermon of the ascension. It’s a bit like boo a president on 11 November. It’s not nice. Two years later, Louis d ‘ Orléans was murdered by the hired assassins of the Duke of Burgundy; Isabeau wants to pursue the culprit, which will be unpopular. For years, it will only increase his unpopularity.

Finally, in 1420 the Dauphin Charles (later Charles VII) is accused of not being the son of the King. Calling in question his future Crown.

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