Habib in episode 4 of Allo Habib

In the 4th episode of Allo Habib, Habib gave an interview to the famous TV channel American people, E! News. For this occasion, the star of the reality show had chosen a black and white dress with the plunging neckline. Habib, always trumpet-style primed, had already opted for sexy looks in the November 27, 2013, of Allo Habib premium. To complete her look in episode 4, Habib was wearing a black leather perfecto. If the holiday in the United States were soon completed for Habib and his family, the young woman was still his professional responsibilities! Sexy in short dress black and white for “the issue of his life” at E! News, Habib had relied on his usual look beauty. Wavy hair let loose on the side and eye black liner, cherie Thomas opted for a nice make up not too pronounced.

Habib in episode 4 of Allo Habib!Habib in episode 4 of Allo Habib!Habib and his assistant travelled at E! News in episode 4 of Allo NabillaNabilla Allo Habib in dress in ultra neckline plunging!4 Photos of article

Habib in Allo Habib who was in Bra and Louboutin December 3 at the Morocco had also opted for a pair of Louboutin for his appearance on American television. Side accessories, Habib in Allo Habib episode 4 had matched her outfit with a white pouch and a necklace with fringes. For her interview at E! News, Habib has been able to be sexy without being too much! And you girls, what do you think of the look of Habib in Allo Habib episode 4?

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